How To Clean of Your Gold Jewellery

//How To Clean of Your Gold Jewellery

How To Clean of Your Gold Jewellery

If you’re thinking of selling gold jewellery, it’s important to keep it in good condition. Without proper maintenance, gold jewelry can get scratched and discoloured, which may affect its value once you sell it to a buyer.

The good news is that gold is not hard to clean. So whether you just want to know how to take care of your gold jewellery or want get cash for gold, follow these tips to ensure your jewellery piece will last a long time.

How to clean gold jewellery

It’s inevitable that your gold jewellery will be exposed to dust, skin oils, perspiration, and more. To maintain its shine, clean your gold jewellery regularly with a solution of  2-parts dish soap and 10-parts warm water. Soak it for 3 hours and then scrub gently with a soft toothbrush. Rinse the soap residue with hot water. Dry with a clean microfibre cloth and polish with a jewellery cloth. If you’re unable to wipe dry some hard-to-reach spots, leave your jewellery to air out before putting them on.

How to clean gold jewellery with gemstones

Gemstones can get damaged when soaked in water for a long time. So here’s an alternative fix. Prepare a solution of lukewarm water and mild dish soap. Using a soft cloth, dip your jewellery in the solution to dampen it. Clean the gemstones and metal parts of your piece. Gently rub the stones to avoid damaging them. Finally, wipe soap residue off with a damp soft cloth and leave to air dry.

Polishing gold jewellery

You can polish your gold jewellery using a jewellery polishing cloth, which can be bought at stores. Alternatively, you can go to a jeweller to have your jewellery polished. But be mindful and avoid excessive polishing. Polishing gold jewellery may involve using abrasive materials, thus removing a thin surface layer of gold and wearing it down more quickly.

Storing gold jewellery

After you wear or clean your gold jewellery, it’s important to store it properly. Store your gold jewellery separately from other jewellery since most metals can scratch gold easily. You can also keep your gold jewellery in small pouches or wrap it in a piece of soft cloth.

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