What To Do With Your Engagement Ring After A Divorce

//What To Do With Your Engagement Ring After A Divorce

What To Do With Your Engagement Ring After A Divorce

An engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment. Other times, it can also be a representation of a relationship that has ended. But even after a divorce, an engagement ring can still have sentimental value for many of us, which is why many choose to simply tuck it away in a drawer, way out of sight.

But once you’re feeling alright again, what do you do with the ring? Here are some ways you can make use of your ring again:

Keep the ring

Not all divorces end up bitterly. If you and your former spouse divorced amicably, you can consider keeping the ring as a nice reminder of the love you once shared. Some people choose to save their engagement ring to pass on to children or grandchildren.

Give it back

If you want to end things on a clean slate, consider returning the ring to your ex. This is a thoughtful gesture, especially if the ring is a family heirloom.

Donate it to charity

Donating your ring to a charity can provide much-needed funds for the organisation’s cause. Bonus points for the positive feeling you get from doing something good.

Repurpose it

If you love your ring but are not fond of the memories associated with it, have it re-purposed. A quick search online can provide you with lots of inspirations for a new piece. For instance, you can have your ring transformed into a pinkie ring or a necklace or incorporate the precious gemstones into earrings.

Sell it for cash

Whether you’re struggling to pay for lawyer fees or just want to earn some extra cash, one of the most popular options is to sell your diamond ring. That said, have your ring appraised by a trusted diamond buyer and see if they would be interested in purchasing it. Just make sure that the buyer is reputable and offers a fair price for your ring.

Making the decision

Before you take action, make sure to give the matter some thought. Many people make the mistake of selling or giving away their ring, only to regret it later. Once you’re genuinely ready to let go of your ring, it will feel cathartic!

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