Where To Sell Unwanted Diamond Jewellery

//Where To Sell Unwanted Diamond Jewellery

Where To Sell Unwanted Diamond Jewellery

‌If your jewellery box is full of jewellery you no longer want to wear, you can turn those gems into a car payment, a dream vacation or a house remodel. Fortunately, there are plenty of options when it comes to selling unwanted jewellery. From online shops to the pawn shop, or to your coworker’s friend, there are many people who might want to buy your valuables.
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Here are some of the most common places to sell your jewellery and the pros and cons of each option.

Selling to an online buyer
When selling jewellery online, be cautious. A lot of online buyers offer to appraise your jewellery and don’t return your item if you reject their offer; some don’t even make the payment in the end. If you choose to try an online buyer, make sure to check its reputation first and read their website to understand what you’re getting into. Take photos of your jewellery before shipping it and send it insured with a delivery method that proves the company has received it.

Selling to friends and family
Selling jewellery to friends and family is probably the easiest way to part with jewellery. You’ll have some peace of mind knowing your item is going to someone who will look after it and you won’t be worried about whether or not they are trustworthy.

However, if you don’t know the correct value of your item, you can’t expect friends and family to be knowledgeable of it as well. Additionally, they will presume that you will give them a good discount. Because of this, people who sell jewellery to acquaintances often lose out on a significant amount of money.

Selling on eBay
Many people like eBay because of the convenience it offers and they know that buyers are looking for something very specific. Unfortunately, some of them also believe that someone will pay a ridiculous amount of money for their item. The truth is, this rarely happens and you are more likely to lose money and time. There are also a number of risks when selling on eBay, such as facing disputes with the buyer, not getting a fair price for your jewellery, or dealing with fake buyers.

Reputable diamond merchant
The best and safest way to sell your jewellery is to a reputable diamond merchant. An experienced diamond merchant has the expertise to correctly appraise your item and offer you the best price. You’ll be confident that you are working with a trusted buyer. They will also have specialists who can listen to your concerns and not be pushy. Just remember to choose a diamond merchant who is well-known and trusted by the community.

Sell your diamonds to Crown Diamonds
If you’re selling diamonds in Melbourne, get in touch with Crown Diamonds. We have 15 years of expert appraisal and give you the most competitive price for your items. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of service that has made hundreds of clients happy. To get started, give us a call at 03 9645 6465.

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